Shae Gill, Evdeki Saat team up for new song ‘One Love’ with Coke Studio

(MANEND NEWS): Two rising stars, Shae Gill from Pakistan and Evdeki Saat from Turkey have joined forces to release a captivating new song titled “One Love” in collaboration with Coke Studio, Coca-Cola’s renowned global music platform.

As part of Coke Studio’s upcoming season, this partnership brings together more than 19 breakthrough artists from around the world to create music collisions that celebrate the magic of human connection and embrace our diverse cultural backgrounds.


Evdeki Saat, known for his alternative pop style, gained widespread recognition with his 2020 hit “Uzunlar V1,” which has amassed over 120 million streams on Spotify. Shae Gill, a 24-year-old Pakistani singer, made her mark through Instagram cover songs before debuting on Coke Studio Pakistan in 2022. Her collaboration in the global sensation “Pasoori” propelled her career to new heights, becoming the most-streamed Pakistani song on Spotify and reaching the top of the global viral chart with close to 600 million views on YouTube.



Excited about the collaboration, Evdeki Saat expressed his enthusiasm for Coke Studio, stating, “A global collaboration was something that I wanted to experience in my music career. I always love to connect with other musical cultures. Shae is a great representative of her culture and a great musician and personality. I enjoyed the challenging process of our decision on making the song.”



Shae Gill also shared her thoughts on the collaboration: “The inspiration for the track was based around the themes of romance, new love, and the open expression of love. It was a pleasure collaborating with him because he’s such a gifted and kind person. On top of that, I felt like we made a lot of sense musically, and that just made this collaboration all the more exciting.”



“One Love” is one of nine brand new multi-artist collision songs and exclusive Coke Studio sessions being released to global music fans on all platforms throughout June and July. These releases follow the success of the Coke Studio anthem, “Be Who You Are (Real Magic),” by Grammy-award-winning American musician Jon Batiste, featuring NewJeans, J.I.D. Camilo, and Cat Burns. The Coke Studio 2023 program has brought together breakthrough artists from various countries, including the US, UK, Canada, South Africa, Colombia, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, China, Korea, and the Philippines, for a borderless musical experience like no other.

Coke Studio, in collaboration with Universal Music Group, offers artists a unique platform to collaborate creatively, experiment with different cultures’ sounds, fuse genres, and reach global audiences. It is a celebration of unity, diversity, and the transformative power of music that brings people together from all corners of the world.

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