PTI calls for protests after Imran Khan’s arrest

(MANEND NEWS): Following Imran Khan’s arrest on Tuesday, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) called on the nation to come out on the streets.


“People, come out of their homes, Islamabad High Court has been attacked, Imran Khan’s arrest is equivalent to shutting down the judiciary,” former Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry said in a tweet.



In a post tweeted by PTI’s official account, the party told workers that “if you don’t come out to save your country today, then the scene we are seeing right now will continue till years to come.”


Meanwhile, Fawad claimed that Imran was abducted from court premises, while scores of lawyers and general people were also injured.

“Imran Khan has been whisked away by unknown people to an unknown location, Chief Justice Islamabad High Court has ordered Security interior and Inspector General of police to appear within 15 minutes in the court,” Fawad added.


The former PM was arrested by law enforcement authorities in the Al-Qadir Trust case, outside the Islamabad High Court as he appeared to seek bail in multiple cases.

Reuters witness said shortly after Imran entered the gate of the IHC, contingents of paramilitary forces and armoured personnel carriers entered after him.

The gate was blocked by the armoured vehicles while the PTI chief was whisked away shortly after under heavy security, the witness added.

PTI leader Musarrat Cheema, in a video message on Twitter, said “they are torturing Imran Khan and beating Khan sahib”.


“They have done something with Khan sahib,” she said.

‘Ready to go to jail’

Before his appearance in court, the PTI chief in a video message said that there was no need to call in a heavy contingent of police and other officials during his appearance before the courts in Islamabad today.

“If someone has a warrant, come to me directly, I am prepared to go to jail. Spending so much money as if a major criminal is coming to Islamabad. Do us a favor and don’t stage such a drama and directly provide a warrant,” he said.

He asserted that he was mentally prepared to go to jail.

In the tweet, Imran said attempts are being made by the coalition government to arrest him so he can be prevented from campaigning for elections and also to stop him from “mobilising the masses for street movement in support of Constitution if PDM government and their handlers refuse to obey the SC (Supreme Court) and violate Constitution on holding of elections”.

The issue of elections has been a contentious one, with PTI calling for immediate polls in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, where assemblies have been dissolved.

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