Security to Elites rationalized across KP

Peshawar (Manend News) Security provided to hundreds of people across the province has been taken back by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government so as to systematize the security arrangements beyond political affiliations. No political discrimination has been made while withdrawing the security. Those who are facing severe life threats would not be left without security; however, they will have to approach the Home Department for validating their security. 

It merits a mention here that certain people in the province were provided police security under formal permission of the Home Department while several others used their influence to get the same and were utilizing it for self-aggrandizement.

The exercise is across the board, non-discriminatory, fair and transparent as per the laid down Government policy.

The government will provide a general security umbrella to all the citizens and personalized security to the people having specialized security needs.

Now if the withdrawal of security has affected any important person and he feels himself insecure, he can contact the Home Department for availing the said facility and the department in light of the recommendations of the Provincial Threat Assessment Committee will provide him security via issuing a formal order.

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