CJP Gulzar Ahmed summons inquiry report of Ghotki train accident in
two days

KARACHI, (MANEND NEWS): Scolding the Pakistan Railways secretary
over the recent tragic Ghotki train accident, Chief Justice of Pakistan
(CJP) Justice Gulzar Ahmed has asked him to leave his job if he is
unable to perform his duties.
The remarks were made by the top judge while hearing the Karachi
Circular Railways case along with Justice Ijazul Ahsan and Justice Qazi
Muhammad Amin Ahmed at the SC Karachi Registry. “Nothing has
changed in the PR despite the recent huge crash.”
Censuring the PR secretary, the CJP asked how many people have died
in the train accidents during his tenure? “65 people lost their lives,”
the secretary replied to the CJP.
What are you talking about? 65 people lost their lives in the Ghotki
train accident only, the CJP remarked and added have you been given
a licence to kill the passengers?
The top judge further said he heard that the Railways minister in a
press conference will announce his resignation, but he only expressed
grief and announced compensations for the victims. “People don’t need
compensations, ensure the safety of their lives while traveling in
CJP Justice Gulzar Ahmed directed the federal government to present
an inquiry report on the tragic incident in two days and directed the
Attorney General of Pakistan Barrister Khalid Jawed Khan to talk about
PR with Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Meanwhile the bench also stopped the authorities from selling,
transferring and leasing the lands owned by railways department. The
bench asked whether governor house is planning to bring any
ordinance regarding lands. We will strike down if such ordinance
comes, CJP reprimanded.
The apex court further warned of not tolerating the illegal allotment of
railways lands. No one is allowed to even sell an inch of railways
property, the CJP clarified.
Meanwhile the Supreme Court of Pakistan on Monday rejected pleas of
affectees for compensation and halting anti-encroachment operation
along Gujjar and Orangi drains.
As per details, a three-member bench headed by Chief Justice of
Pakistan (CJP) Justice Gulzar Ahmed heard the case regarding the
anti-encroachment drive at SC’s Karachi registry. The apex court
revoked the stay orders and ordered government to continue the
operation along nullahs ahead of monsoon season.
During the hearing, the CJP remarked that Sindh is being ruled from
Canada and Younas Memon is true ruler of the province. CJP asked
who is responsible for leasing the nullahs? “Sindh government is
responsible for leasing the land of drain,” remarked CJP Gulzar.
The SC also turned down the plea of the affectees for compensation
and the bench remarked how can we give relief to the people
occupying the state’s land?
At the outset of the hearing, the KMC counsel stated before the court
that the work on the expansion of Gujjar and Orangi nullahs was
underway on the court orders, but the anti-encroachment tribunal has
stopped them from razing the leased houses.
Advocate General Sindh Salman Talibuddin Advocate apprised the
court that Rs20,000 per month rent would be given to the affectees of
the nullah.
On the occasion, the CJP asked who is responsible for leasing the
nullahs? “Sindh government is responsible for leasing the land of
drain,” remarked CJP Gulzar.
The lawyer of the affectees, Faisal Siddiqui said that the lease was
given by the KDA, Kachi Abadi and KMC.

Six thousand affectees of the anti-encroachment operation should be
given alternate residence, he added.
The SC bench remarked how can we give relief to the people
occupying the state’s land? “This is the matter related to China cutting
and all the lease documents are fake, the CJP remarked.
Later, the court revoking the stay order, ordered the KMC to continue
the anti-encroachment drive along with the Gujjar and Orangi nullahs
for the expansion. The SC also turned down the plea of the affectees
for compensation.
Faisal Siddiqui Advocate, counsel for the affectees, said that the lease
of the houses was given by KDA, Katchi Abadi Department and KMC.
“The Supreme Court has not given any order to build a road around
the canals. In this regard, the decision of the Supreme Court is being
misinterpreted,” the counsel prayed.
A 10-foot-wide road will also be built on both sides of the drain after
the encroachment drive.
Sindh’s Advocate General said the width of the drain would not be
affected after a new road is constructed along its bank. Justice Ijazul
Ahsan replied that if a road was being constructed, then its approval
would be in accordance with the law.
The chief justice said that if the leases were checked, then ‘all the
fraud would come out as the documents are fake. It is all a matter of
China cutting’.
“If the land is government-owned, how can relief be given to the
affectees?” Justice Gulzar inquired. “Don’t know how these leases were
given. This land is not the land of the affectees.”
Counsel Siddiqui, in his reply, said that the leases of houses belonging
to the rich should also be checked. Justice Ahsan added that the
counsel should take the leases to the concerned department and prove
Taking the Sindh government to task, the Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed
said people in Tharparkar are desperate for a drop of water even
today. “Not a single RO [Reverse Osmosis) plant was installed but
Rs1500 million had been spent,” he added.

“What plan does the government have?” the chief justice asked the
Advocate General, observing the situation is getting worse.
Unfortunately, the top adjudicator remarked, people rule here from
London, Dubai or Canada, which does not happen in any other
province. Even an assistant sub-inspector becomes so powerful that he
runs the entire system, he added.
“Your government has been in power here for many years. What did
citizens get?” Chief Justice Pakistan Gulzar Ahmed questioned the top
provincial law officer.
The Advocate General asked the apex court for two days’ time saying
the provincial government is going to unveil the budget tomorrow.
At this, the Chief Justice Pakistan Gulzar Ahmed questioned what did
people get as the budget was presented last year too. “It is a
rigmarole of figures. You just move numbers here and there.”
Meanwhile the SC on Monday ordered to stop all the commercial
activities in a bid to restore Aladdin Water Park in its original shape.
The orders were passed by the Supreme Court bench headed by the
chief justice Pakistan Gulzar Ahmed while hearing the case related to
the shopping centre and club near Aladdin Water Park at the SC’s
Karachi Registry.
The court in its judgment directed the concerned authorities to raze
the Pavlion End Club and shopping centre located near the water park.
The court has sought a progress report on its judgment within two
days. The Supreme Court also ordered demolishing all the illegal
structures at Kashmir Road.

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