Four out of five Pakistanis think that Pakistan’s circumstances not
moving towards right direction: Ipsos Survey

ISLAMABAD, (MANEND NEWS): According to a latest survey conducted
by Ipsos it has been revealed that the citizens are worried about the
deteriorating economic condition of the country. Four out of five
Pakistanis think that Pakistan’s circumstances are not moving towards
right direction. The people have said that no progress has been made
for the improvement of the situation after August 2019.
According to the 77 percent citizens, Pakistan’s circumstances are
moving towards wrong direction. A private organization, Ipsos has
issued Q2 2021-Consumer Confidence Index Survey report. According

to the survey 23 percent Pakistanis think that the country’s
circumstances are moving towards right direction.
The majority of the Pakistanis have opined during the survey
conducted about Pakistan’s economic condition, the unemployment
and price spiral are biggest problems of Pakistan. According to 75
percent people the biggest problem of Pakistan is price spiral and
according to 70 percent people the country’s biggest problem is
unemployment, according to 53 percent Pakistanis the country’s third
biggest problem is poverty and according to 36 percent people the
fourth biggest problem of country is increase in taxes and according to
38 percent Pakistanis the fifth biggest problem is increase in electricity
According to 73 percent Pakistanis, the economic condition of Pakistan
is neither strong nor weak. According to 19 percent people the
economic condition of Pakistan is weak and according to eight percent
Pakistanis the economic condition of Pakistan is strong.
According to 25 percent Pakistanis the country’s economic situation
will improve and according to 28 percent people the economic situation
will remain same. According to 47 percent Pakistanis the economic
situation of the country will further weaken. According to the survey
Pakistanis as compared to economic situation of past one year, they
are not hopeful about the economic situation of the country.
According to the Survey, 46 percent people lost jobs during the last
one year and according to 40 percent people their jobs remained intact
during this period. According to the survey 86 percent Pakistanis are
unable to buy car or purchase house in current economic situation.
1,100 people above 18 years of age from all four provinces of
Pakistan, Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan took part in
the survey. MD Ipsos Abdul Sattar Babar has said that from survey
report the business and policy makers could monitor the changes of
market and the results of the survey will help them in making

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