Holistic approach to tackling climate change is needed: Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD, (MANEND NEWS): Prime Minister Imran Khan, while
sharing the link of his article published in British’s daily national
newspaper “The Times”, stated that a holistic approach to tackling
climate change is needed including financial commitments.
The PM, in his article ‘COP26 will end in failure without a finance deal’,
mentioned, “Monsoon season in Pakistan is time of hope and fear.
Hope because the rains irrigate our farmlands and refresh our cities
after the intense summer heat. Fear that the rains will overwhelm us,
bursting river banks and unleashing urban flash floods.”
Last summer Pakistan experienced the heaviest rains in a century,
with an unprecedented cloudburst leaving much of the sprawling
metropolis of Karachi inundated, rendering thousands homeless and
over a hundred dead, he stated.
Prime Minister Imran Khan wrote, “Pakistan is used to coping with
heavy monsoon rains, but 2020 was unexpectedly intense, and
scientists tell us this will become increasingly common as our planet

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