Crush plants were sealed in lower and Upper Chitral 12 March given deadline to withdraw this decision

CHITRAL,(MANEND NEWS): All the crushing plants in both Lower and Upper  Chitral  were sealed  by the Industries Department. All the crush plant owners and workers staged a peaceful protest on Airport Road. Under the President of Crush Plant Association Syed Khalid Jan Advocate

The protesters were  marked by banners and placards with slogans such as “Take back cruel decisions, don’t snatch food from our mouths”. On this occasion, Syed Khalid Jan said that 22 crushing plants are working in Upper and Lower Chitral districts in which about 500 workers are employed and hundreds of people associated with them are earning their livelihood from this sector. He said that the Department of Industries has imposed  the Power Crusher Act 2020 under which any crushing plant would be located at a distance of 150 meters from the road side and 150 meters from the river  belt. He said that this is not possible in Malakand division.

Syed Abbas Jan said that the geographical structure of ​​land in Malakand Division in general and in Chitral in particular is such that there are mountains on both sides and river flows in the middle. There is not such a wide plain area  which away from road side and river belt. . He said that we have been enduring every oppression of this department and government from the very beginning. He said that the annual license fee for crush plant has been increased from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 50,000. Similarly, the annual renewal fee was increased from Rs 2,000 to Rs 20,000, which was beyond our tolerance, but we still obeyed all their decisions. Our income is not as much as we are paying taxes.

Safeerullah  said that the Assistant Director, Department of Industries had sealed all the crushing plants in both the districts, leaving hundreds of people unemployed and the stoves of their houses turned off. With the closure of these crushing plants, on the one hand, if hundreds of people lost their jobs, on the other hand, all government and non-government development works also stopped, while Chitral is included in the red zone and a major earthquake could strike at any time. The use of high-quality materials is essential.

Giving a deadline of March 12, he demanded that if the government does not withdraw its cruel decision by then, the owners of the crush plant and the labors working in it  along with Crush owners of Malakand will set in protest in front of DC office on  March 16. They will protest in front of the  DC office and  supplying of Crush would be stopped to all government and private buildings for construction.  President of Chitral Contractors Association Noor Ahmad Khan was also present on the occasion and he also hinted that The contractor association  will also show solidarity with the plant owners and they will join them in their protest.

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