India should quit the path which it is following: President Alvi

MUZAFFARABAD, (MANEND NEWS): President Dr. Arif Alvi has
reaffirmed Pakistan’s determination to continue to extend moral,
political and diplomatic support to the Kashmiri people in their just
struggle for right to self-determination. He said that India should quit
the path which it is following. President Alvi said that the Kashmiris
were martyred in fake encounters, adding that India is fully involved in
hatching conspiracies against Pakistan and India has spent Rs 22 billon
for terrorism activities so that Pakistan could be destabilized. He said
that if one Kashmiri is alive he could not forget what India has done
with Kashmiris.
Addressing the session of AJK Legislative Assembly in Muzaffarabad on
Friday, President Dr. Arif Alvi said Pakistan sticks to its principled
position on Kashmir dispute whose resolution lies only in the United
Nations Security Council resolutions. The President said Pakistan has
always given peace a chance but regretted that India is taking the
matters towards deterioration.
President Dr. Arif Alvi noted that Pakistan-India relations cannot
improve without resolution of the lingering dispute. Welcoming the
recent statements of the UN Secretary General, the President said the
world can no longer turn its back to the outstanding dispute.
Alluding to the oppression campaign unleashed by Modi government in
Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, the President said
Pakistan will continue to highlight the Indian disgusting acts at the
international forums including the United Nations and the Organization
of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

The President lamented that India has imposed ban on
communications and internet in the occupied territory to hide its
crimes. He condemned the use of pellet guns saying these blinded
innocent children and women. India is making attempts to change the
demographic structure by deploying nine hundred thousand troops and
introducing controversial legislation. He, however, said despite all
these tactics, the Kashmiri people stand firm in their struggle to get
freedom from the cruel Indian clutches.
The President demanded that India allow the international media to
visit the illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir to see the ground
situation. In addition, action should be taken in the light of the UN
Human Rights Commissioner report on Kashmir.
President Dr. Arif Alvi said that the ultimate direction of Pakistan
regarding Kashmir dispute is unity and there is no difference. He said
that some leaders will say this should have been done in this way and
some leaders will say that the speed should be fastened. President Dr.
Arif Alvi said that he will take the suggestions given in today’s session
to Islamabad and will discuss the matter with Prime Minister Imran
Khan and will ask him to broaden the process of consultation regarding
Kashmir issue so that we should move forward with the unity of
President Dr. Arif Alvi said that we are gathered today to pay tribute to
those who have rendered great sacrifices. He said that the steps taken
by India to change the demography of occupied Kashmir are
worrisome and painful. He said that India should not take the risks
which it is taking, adding that when the peace was disturbed in
Afghanistan it also affected Pakistan and Pakistan paid heavy price of
it. He said that India should quit the path which it is following.
President Dr. Arif Alvi said that we should speed up the pace at the
legal and diplomatic level, adding that it is our responsibility to show
to the world that what is happening in Srinagar and occupied Kashmir.
President Alvi said that the world diplomats were welcomed in Azad
Kashmir and it was shown to them that here is peace and how much
ceasefire violations at LoC are being committed by India but contrary
to this India did not allow world delegations to visit its own side,
adding that India has something to hide so it did not permit. He said
that it is first demand of Pakistan that India should open occupied
Kashmir so that the world should come to know what you are doing.
He said that if the world will come to know about the atrocities going

on in occupied Kashmir then the conscience of the world and Muslim
Ummah will be awakened. He said that it is our duty to show the visual
evidence to the world. He said that India should take first step and
should open its occupied lands; media, delegations and assembly
members should visit and see what is happening. He said that
nowhere else in the world pellet guns were used, adding that India
only used the pellet guns against the Muslims.

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